Tuesday, July 10, 2012

vC Ops 5.0.2 New Features

vC Ops 5.0.2 was released Friday and one of my favorite dashboards I typically create uses the Mashup Chart Widget to show the health of an application grouping or any resource kind.  With the new release we have added the ability to include vSphere change events and vCM (vCenter Configuration Manager) change events to the health of an application to correlate any changes or alerts to the health of the application or resource.

The Mashup Chart includes a health chart, an anomaly count graph, and metric graphs.  This shows active and inactive alerts along with change events from vCenter and vCM relating to the health of the resource.
How to add Change Events to the Mashup Chart

Another new interesting widget is the Text Widget.  This can basically show information in text or HTML format.  Some examples would have a MOTD (Message of the Day) or outage information that can be linked to a URL or html file that exists on the vC Ops UI VM.

Text Widget example pointing to an HTML file displaying current outage information within a vC Ops dashboard
For more information about vC Ops 5.0.2 and see what else is new check out the release notes at - https://www.vmware.com/support/vcops/doc/vcops-502-release-notes.html

Next topic will be how to create Application Groups and incorporate dashboards to view the health of the Application Groups.

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